About Us

Chimso group was founded on 2017, located in FOSHAN, is a company providing complementary services to the stone and ceramic industry, as well as the marketing of related products from leading Western companies in the world. In a very short time, the company has become a leader in its field, providing solutions for the stone industry to the world's leading companies. The company provides the most stringent quality control services in the quartz industry for Western companies producing artificial stone slabs in China. The company's great experience in the field of quality control led it to market related products to the stone industry that can meet the high standards required from the factories in China. The company is careful to market only products that can meet the highest standards in the industry, after undergoing the most rigorous tests, and backed by the certificates of the most rigorous laboratories in the world. The company's products provide solutions that save time and money with desirable finishes at the forefront of the industry.


We have at your disposal our experience and knowledge, providing all the necessary technical support fast and efficiently. Our team is ready to help you solve any problem you may have with the use of our products. Thanks to the customers confidence in us, we are leaders in our market.

Chimso Group has a Technical team whose function is to guide and recommend the customer the best way to optimize the use of the abrasive obtaining the best relation of cost per sqm with the best polishing quality.

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